PASCH Ingurumena Emakunde

Hi! My name is Xabier, I am 15 years old and this year I am a member of the European Class, organized by the Stiftgymnasium Xanten in Germany. This opportunity has been offered to me, by my school teachers.

At the beginning I was scared and did not want to come here, because I thought I was too young for it and I would miss my family. But as you can see, I ended up accepting, and until today, I do not regret taking this decision.

Only two schools in Germany organize a European Class. This year there are 14 German students and 8 foreigners from countries like Spain, Italy, Turkey, Palestine, Montenegro, Bulgaria and the USA. The main goals are the cultural exchange between young people from different countries and the improvement of English skills by having most of the subjects in this language. Besides that, students can choose additional subjects like French, Spanish, Chemistry, Physics… or take part in AG´s which are taught in German.Every weekend or every two weekends, we meet all together to do some activity, because it is the best way to know each other better.

Xanten is a small town with 20,000 inhabitants. They are all very talkative, friendly and nice. In the town you can easily find restaurants, a bakery, a butcher… There are also lots of sport clubs in the town you can join. There is a football team, a handball team, a track team, a tennis club, a table-tennis club, a lake where you can do watersports… I am in the football team, and I only had to wait two weeks to start playing official matches.

Living abroad is helping me becoming more independent, self-confident and improving my English and German. I also have to say, that nowadays living far away from home is not so hard. For example, at night after having dinner, sometimes if I am not so tired or I feel sad, I send a message to my family and we skype. While skyping I feel like at home, and recover strength to continue.

Xabier Elósegui