PASCH Ingurumena Emakunde

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to the Deutsche Schule theatre!!!

We are proud to present our show! We have magicians, clowns, showmen, dancers and singers!

Please give them a big hand!

Juan and Pablo, Huma and Irati, our masters of ceremony introduced our protagonists one by one. We enjoyed their performance last Monday 1st of February as a preface to the next Carnival celebrations.

Kindergarten, Primary and 1st and 2nd ESO students could go to the performance in our school assembly hall and the 1st ESO english students tried their best to make them laugh and surprise them, especially the youngest ones.

We all had a great morning together and it was the perfect end for the project we had been working in the english lesson for some months.

Thanks to all the people involved in the play, especially the actors and actresses of 1st ESO students. 

Here you are our fantastic circus’ show video! If you didn’t have the opportunity to come to our theatre, have a look and you will love it!

[embed width=”900″ height=”800″] http://vimeo.com/154332188 [/embed]