PASCH Ingurumena Emakunde






I am almost at the end of my adventure in Xanten and after having spent 1 year abroad I can conclude this has been the best school year of my life. I have built good friendships, discovered some awesome places and become more open-minded, while getting more  mature.

During this time, I had the possibility to travel to many cities and hang out with friends, which in my opinion is the best way to improve your skills in a language while having fun and socializing.

I´m looking forward to my last month in Xanten because we will visit some great cities, like Paris, London or Berlin. Nevertheless, I do not want to come back, although I miss a little bit my family and friends in Spain, because I will let behind an incredible and unforgettable experience.

I would recommend to anyone to join such a brilliant project like the European class because you will really have another point of view of the world, besides evolving as a person.

Pablo Urbieta.